Wealth Management

Wealth management services provides a holistic level of planning and investment management. The following services are provided:

General Services provided:

  • Discover and help prioritize a Client’s short and long term goals.
  • Identify the life transitions the Client is and expects to be experiencing.
  • Gather and organize the Client’s data and documents.
  • Analyze the Client’s financial condition, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats as the relate to the Client’s goals.
  • Develop a strategy that attempts to balance the Client’s risk tolerance and goals.
  • Help implement financial decisions.

Ongoing Advice and Service:

  • Continue to help prioritize both short term and long term goals with the Client.
  • Review the financial plan regularly.
  • Meet with the Client to review goals and progress.
  • Monitor life transitions.
  • Update the financial plan regularly as needed.
  • Strategize and coordinate with other Advisors (Accountants, Attorneys, Insurance Agents, etc)

Asset Management (Under Advisor’s Management)

  • Portfolio construction, investment selection and execution of trades.
  • Periodic reporting.
  • Re-balancing the portfolio when appropriate.
  • Re-allocating the portfolio due to changes in the economy, of the Client’s objectives or performance of the mutual fund or ETF selected.
  • Tax loss harvesting (where applicable)

Annual net worth update, retirement projections, savings plan, debt reduction, tax planning, college savings, Estate review (non-legal), Insurance review, investments.

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