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Service, Integrity, Honesty and personal attention are the hallmark of Christman Financial Advisors LLC. It is the defining quality that sets us apart from our competition. The personal relationship that we develop with each of our clients starts with an initial meeting that identifies your goals, needs and risk tolerance. Unlike the typical big firm that asks how much money you have, I do not recommend products or investments until I fully understand who you are.  In short, Christman Financial Advisors LLC is service oriented – not sales oriented.

At Christman financial Advisors I have structured my business to be able to work with most any client:

I offer hourly services which can be customized based on your needs, and desires as well as a flat fee / annual retainer Wealth Management service ( see wealth management fee calculator section).

Do you want a review of your current portfolio yet manage it yourself? An estimate of what you need for retirement? Hourly may be best.  Do you want hand holding and unlimited access to get second opinions.  Someone to do the paperwork and watch the markets and your account? Wealth Management would be the way to go.



Christman Financial Advisors believes in the financial planning process. This is the process of identifying goals, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, gathering and reviewing financial data, and designing and implementing a plan to help you reach your goals. It is a lifelong process. Once the plan is created and most importantly implemented, it needs to be monitored, reviewed and updated to meet the dynamic circumstances of life. Not everyone needs to have a written financial plan. Everyone, however, can benefit from the financial planning process. We also believe that a strong financial future rests on a fundamentally strong base, minimizing debt and understanding your expenses among other things.


Investing is only one component of financial planning though certainly an important one. Being a Certified Financial Planner, I believe that an investment policy and asset allocation can be designed only after the initial financial planning process is complete and a target return is established. At Christman Financial Advisors we seek to diversify your assets among the major classes of cash, stocks, bonds, real estate and commodities if appropriate. Stocks are divided between domestic and foreign; large to small capitalization. We further divide domestic stocks into growth and value styles. Bonds are divided by short, intermediate and long-term duration. We use real estate investment trusts (REITs) for the real estate component of a plan.

Our goal is NOT to create a complex portfolio structure with high expenses but for you to achieve your goals and to keep your expenses to a minimum.

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A: Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania.
T: 610-349-6307

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