Top 10 Reasons

To show you how I could help you, here’s my…


1) I like knowing people. The run-of-the-mill financial advisor can have anywhere from 400-1,500 clients or more and I’ve seen one with 5,000 (Really!).  How much time does your advisor spend just with you? I limit my client list to a maximum of 250, so I can know every one deeply, and give you all the time you need… because the details matter and people matter!  I also travel to my clients, I don’t expect you to take time off of your work to come to my office when you’re hiring me.

2) I hate manipulation. I don’t use greed or fear to manipulate your decision-making process. It’s not right. Nor do I sell products (because that’s not a true advisor’s job). Where selling results in commissions, there is potential for conflicts of interest. (See #8.) I will educate and inform you to help you choose the right investments for you. Solid advice, time-tested principles, all centered on your needs and goals.

3) I want to work FOR you and WITH you (and your family). Abraham Lincoln is quoted as saying if he had six hours to chop down a tree, he would spend the first four hours sharpening his axe. Here at Christman Financial Advisors, I do the same thing, and I’ll show you exactly how I do it. We only move forward if and when you are 100% confident that the decision we make together is the best for you.

4) I am fee only and a Fiduciary. I work for a set fee.  You know what you will pay me vs. a percentage of your assets that fluctuate with the market or additional contributions.  There is no conflict of interest and there are no commissions.  Advise based on your best interest.

5) I ask the right questions… What is your “number”? The one you have to reach by the time you retire. Can you afford to ignore your retirement, put it off, or leave it as is? Do you have a plan that you know and understand?

6) And the tough questions too. If you changed nothing now, what will your retirement look like when you get there? When you retire, how many years/decades will your retirement need to last? Are you prepared?

7) I serve people, not numbers. Does your current advisor have a minimum assets requirement to work with him or her?  I help people irregardless of income, assets or net worth. What does that 1% of assets fee translate to in dollars?

8) I like to sleep at night. In contrast to much of my industry, I don’t sell products. If I find an investment opportunity, and it justifies its benefit to you, I will fully explain why I recommend it, how it works, and what your options are in order to be fully transparent and fair to you. At that point I will refer you to an advisor who can offer you that product because again, I don’t sell any products (receive any commissions)!

9) I’m here when times are hard. Your spouse does the finances? If you’re married, and something happens to you or your spouse, are you BOTH comfortable in the knowledge of your finances and your options? I’ll help keep you on the same page, and if times get tough, I’ll walk with you and your loved ones.

10) I play well with others. I don’t “just” work with you. I also work with your CPA to maximize your investments’ tax-efficiency, your insurance agent and your Realtor and/or Attorney if your situation calls for it. And when I’m your advisor, you also gain the wise counsel of the various field experts I’ve surrounded myself with.  And for people who use their accountant as their advisors 1. How do you pay him? 2. How much attention and advice do you really think you’re getting from mid January through April?

Some of those 10 reasons may not matter much to you. But there are two that matter most to me…

My CHARACTER. I feel called to the very highest standards with my clients, in my business and in my personal life.

My PROMISE to You. I work hard. I work smart. And I work with integrity.


I would love to get to know you.  At Christman Financial Advisors, my consultation is always free, and I’ll let you know what to expect in advance. While you are thinking about it, call or email to set up a visit or ask any questions! I’m glad to help you find an answer.

“But I already have an advisor…” Even if you already have an advisor, I’m happy to give you a complementary independent Review of your current portfolio, bench marked against where I think you should be. If we find you’re in a great place, I’ll let you know, and give you my blessing! If I can benefit you, then I will reach out to you again, and present you with my findings. From there, what you do with the information is up to you! You have absolutely nothing to lose, and everything to gain!

After we’ve met, I hope you’ll decide I’m the right advisor for you and your family, and that Christman Financial Advisors is the place you want to be. I don’t like to be pressured, so I promise not to do that to you. You may decide I’m not the best fit for you (NO, is my second favorite answer). Or maybe you’re thinking of someone I might be a fit for (friends, family, co-workers, fellow church-goers, etc.). And who knows… maybe you’ll find we’re a really great match! I’d love for us to find out.