Market Noise

At Christman Financial Advisors we are not market timers. We believe in building a plan and closely monitoring it and making adjustments along the way. We are never going to be right all the time but you must always monitor current conditions nevertheless. Our Clients usually have no desire to manage their financial affairs on a daily basis and want to simplify their lives, They seek a professional financial planner who is their guide, not their guru, who delivers discipline over promises of great investment returns, and who is an advocate for them and coordinates that advocacy with the other professionals in their lives.

A key issue for the individual that is following the “markets”, CNBC and the other business news shows is that you risk the possibility of being distracted by the noise and daily fluctuations of the markets or indexes (Dow, S&P, NADAQ).

The most important thing is that you stay focused on your goals, both long term and short term, and your financial plan that is designed to help you reach those goals.